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Marc Dingena

Marc Dingena (he/him)

Frontend Developer

I moved to Australia from The Netherlands in 2018 with my wife and kids. After a day of React-hooking, I like cooking, dancing, and playing space sims. Still working on my dad jokes game.

Side Projects

  • React Breakpoints

    React Breakpoints allows you to respond to changes in a DOM element’s size. You can change the evaluated logic and rendered output of components based on observed size changes in DOM elements. For example, you can change a dropdown menu to a horizontal list menu based on its parent container’s width without using CSS media queries.

  • React Breakpoints demo

    To make my talk about React Breakpoints more interactive, I wrote this Storybook library as an alternative to static slides.

  • React ResizeObserver Hook

    Observe multiple React components with a single ResizeObserver.