Developer Expectations

At Envato, we hold everyone accountable to our values. In addition to the core values, which you can find on our careers page, the Envato Engineering team has developed a set of statements that describes the expectation of being a developer at Envato.

Technical Competence

  1. I ship code to production early and often

  2. I build performant, secure, resilient and supportable systems

  3. I evaluate multiple approaches to solving problems, select the most appropriate one and can communicate my rationale

  4. I build clean, readable, understandable and maintainable systems

  5. I strive to be a T-shaped developer

  6. I write effective tests that help my design, give me confidence to refactor and confidence to ship to production


  1. I embrace shared ownership of code, tooling and architecture

  2. I collaborate with people beyond my immediate team and I am aware of the impact that my work has on the business and community

  3. I take responsibility for systems that I build running in production

  4. I review my colleagues code to help them and I submit reviews that make it easy for my colleagues to help me

  5. I follow the team’s practices, I contribute to building them and I help all team members stay on track

Teaching and Learning

  1. I share my skills and knowledge freely, both with my team mates and with the broader development community

  2. I experiment in order to learn

  3. I seek out new knowledge and actively develop new skills

  4. I seek and provide feedback

Envato Values

  1. I make Envato an enjoyable place to work by being friendly

  2. I participate in attracting and recruiting new staff to Envato

  3. I am engaged with the product that I build so that I deliver value to the Community

  4. I am respectful of all my colleagues across all areas of Envato