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Envato is hiring! Ninjas! Rock stars! Clerics!

Envato is a fast growing company and we’re expanding both our Melbourne, Australia office and our remote team. Check the job listings below or visit our Careers page to learn about working at Envato.

We are especially interested in talking to Ninjas, Rock Stars, and Clerics. In addition, we’re also looking for Ruby developers, devops, UX, and more!

Go apply!


We’re growing our team and we’re looking for great ninjas who would love the opportunity to stalk and strike fear from the shadows. We’re calling out to ninjas with deep commercial infiltration experience who have built great honour, and like working in cross-functional teams.


You’d be primarily doing espionage, sabotage, and infiltration work, but we also expect that you’re a pretty comfortable working on the full stack. We’d expect you know how do wire work, you value combat and honour, want to move silently like a cat and care about arriving and exiting in secrecy. That’s what we do.

What you’ll be doing

  • Writing clean, well thought out infiltration plans

  • Lead small, functionally oriented projects containing team members with different skills and levels of knowledge such as ninja stars, and crossbows

  • You’ll work on big projects, small maintenance tasks, alone in the dead of night and anything else that our customers love

  • Providing input into stealthily upgrading our infrastructure without being detected by customers

  • We don’t have testers or sysadmins so you’ll be ensuring your work is done with honour and secrecy

Essential Requirements

  • Be a nice person

  • Communicate well in person and in writing and with the threat of your shadow

  • Be a curious person committed to continual learning

  • Be able to follow a project through from the original fuzzy brief through rooftop assault and stealthy entry and beyond with minimal detection

  • Be comfortable in a ninja development and deployment environment

Preferred Requirements

  • Be a nice person & be funny & don’t kill coworkers (unless honour bound)

  • Have commercial ninja experience

  • Have solid ninja star and sword experience

  • Have experience of other high stealth/secrecy missions

  • Contribute to clan ninja projects

  • Past experience in other martial arts environments

  • Excellent wirework knowledge

Rock Star

Headquartered here in Melbourne, we’re a completely online company with an ecosystem of sites and services to help people get creative. We run a set of digital marketplaces that includes ThemeForest,the 120th hardest rocking site in the world. On our marketplaces thousands of people clap and sing along in unison. But we only clap on the back beat. Front beat clappers need not apply.

rock concert

About the Position

We value people who can pump out a number one rock anthem while recovering from another night of hard living. As a rock star, you’ll be working in a hands on capacity as part of our team of rock gods to make sure sell out shows bring the house down.

You will have woken up in a tour bus forgetting what city you are in, summoned diva-level tantrums over jars of M&Ms, band meltdowns, and stalker fans. You understand that configuring and managing your delicate ego requires a full time entourage. You need to have a broad knowledge of going to 11, partying, trashing hotel rooms, publicity scandals, rehab and recovery, and have a deep technical expertise at shredding solos in at least one of these disciplines.

You align with the goals of the rock movement in living life to the edge.


  • In a partnership with the rest of the band and the sound crew, ensure the creation, configuration and maintenance of our sound is pure rock and roll

  • Working closely with the fans and groupies to ensure we live fast and die young

  • Help build and manage the monitoring of our live sound systems focusing on staying close to the metal, performance, and making sure your mike comes through louder than everyone else

  • Self diagnose and self medicate performance issues with your choice of single malt and/or prescription or non-prescription substances

  • Communicate clearly with both technical and non-technical members of the team about why you are the most important, have the best hair, and deserve the most adoration

Essential Requirements

  • Be a nice person… but only to people who can be useful to you

  • Have an advanced level of rock knowledge

  • Has used musical instruments or vocals in a previous role

  • Have managed to cause a scandal in both public and private performances

  • Know how to manage and maintain your bad-boy/bad-girl rock image

  • Know how to select or build sound monitoring and tools that go to 11

  • Have implemented number one hits to support a world wide public facing tour handling millions of concert goers

  • Have proven experience scaling stadium concerts or other high volume events

  • Communicate well in person with screaming vocals

  • Be a curious person committed to continual experimentation

  • Be a natural diva who is able to develop intense resentment from your band members at your increasingly ridiculous demands

  • Be on values with Envato’s passionate and supportive culture.

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Previous experience raging against a system designed to be robust in a disaster situation and at The Man in general

  • The ability to provide security and risk assessment headaches for your support crew

  • Has participated in a culture of shared blame between bandmates during studio sessions

  • Contribute to collaboration projects

  • Past experience in other rock environments


Due to phenomenal growth we are in need of a Cleric. This role will assist in curing ailments and healing allies, and helping teams through encounters with your high wisdom and intelligence, while encouraging improvement through XP gain. The Cleric will assist our teams, keeping them moving and leveling, helping them to control undead and navigate toward their quests.

You will have experience working with, or in dungeon party teams in any capacity. This role will be non-technical, the caretaker of party health and not an active member of any one team. Chaotic good experience is preferred, but not essential, however a support-class attitude and a visible belief within one step of their aligned domain/deity as a way of working life is.

We are looking for someone who will be a cleric role model, dogmatically minded, disciplined, a dedicated life-learner. You must have strong divine magic, and encourage resurrection spells, acting as an enabler to team success and never a barrier. Carrying a truly healing mindset, look to instill the same aura in everybody you come in contact with, being genuine in contributing to the development of an inclusive, creative, adaptive party group

If these roles sound interesting, we’d love to have a talk to you!